Bear Creek Metal Art

Located in Kaleva Michigan, Bear Creek Metal Art is a family-owned design and fabrication shop that specializes in custom designed hand-crafted metal art for your home, cabin, or business.

  • At the age of ten, Dave Cross was introduced to the art of metal design and blacksmithing by his father who owned a blacksmith shop in central Michigan. Through the teachings of his father, Dave learned about the properties of different types of steel and how to forge raw steel into tools and items that would be used around local farms.

    After leaving trade school where Dave learned welding and metallurgy techniques, he decided to pursue a career in the transportation industry. Shortly after, Dave married his wife Julie and started a family. Dave continued his passion of designing metal art as a hobby. After 35 years in the transportation industry, Dave was dealt a devastating blow as he lost most of his vision and had to retire from being a truck driver.

  • Determined to make the best of his situation, Dave attended the Bureau of Services for Blind People’s Training Center in Kalamazoo, Michigan, where he learned to use accessibility tools that aided him in the design of metal art. Upon perfecting his newfound skills, Dave returned to his passion for designing and shaping steel. Since that time, Dave and his wife Julie have worked together to build Bear Creek Metal Art.

    Dave and Julie have come a long way since his introduction to blacksmithing. Bear Creek Metal Art not only uses the forging techniques he learned from his father, but he also uses his newly learned skills to create beautiful high quality custom metal art.

  • Inspired by the natural beauty of Northern Michigan Dave and Julie’s services include the custom design and fabrication of:

    • Cast iron pot racks
    • Wine racks and wine décor
    • Silhouettes
    • Custom metal art
    • Custom wall art
    • Lighting displays

    All of Bear Creek’s products

    are 100% made in the USA